"We’ve closed over a MILLION DOLLARS of business as a result!"

-Devin Paris of Solar Foundations

Case Study 1

Accepted Connection Requests of Over 40%

Recently, a client in the B2B space began working with the team at Social Proof Wizards to grow their profile substantially. Growth is one thing, but growing a profile and filling it with ideal decision makers is another… and it’s a task we’re always willing to take.

We first had to work with the client to determine his ideal avatar via our standard process and onboarding. In this process, we work through all potential segmentation data available to us within LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. We can then use this information to create custom lead lists that a client can use in the future and that we can use through our automated platforms to start connecting with ideal business leads.

Outside of simply finding the leads and building lists, we take pride in creating messaging that WORKS based on the success criteria our client requires. In this case, we needed to ensure that connection requests were accepted as much as possible with the produced lead lists. This meant that we needed to front-load our interaction with potential leads to “warm them up” and increase the likelihood that they would accept our request.

After collecting significant data, we were able to produce an incredible result…

Over 40% of HIGHLY qualified decision makers accepted our client’s request to connect. This meant that over 40% of the targeted lead list now became a 1st degree connection with our client, opening numerous possibilities for closing deals, building relationships, gaining referral partnerships, etc.

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Case Study 2

Getting Over 90% Reply Rates with Key Decision Makers

One of our amazing clients recently decided to focus on growing the amount of conversations they were having with their connections on LinkedIn. You see, we were already connecting them with perfectly ideal decision makers and they wanted to challenge us a bit further as we always expect and adore. We did initial research and came back with an audacious goal…

We wanted to gain rates up to and OVER 50% when it came to our “reply rate” on leads.

This specific client was in the B2B Solar space and these nuts were always tough ones to crack in terms of conversations that lead to a closed deal, but we knew it was possible with our previous work. Thus, we went to work on crafting the right touches and messaging to elicit a direct response to our client that lead to sales conversations.

We were already seeing incredible rates of approved connection requests, so we knew that our initial touches and messaging were optimal and needed no critiques. However, we began to focus our efforts on what happens AFTER they said “YES!” to a connection request. You see, we not only have the ability to automate the process of connecting with someone, we also automate touch points, messages, and interaction AFTER the connection is accepted. This includes profile views, post engagement, endorsements, and personalized messages that work.

After adding 3 key steps to the automation process, we were amazed by our result…

That’s right, we beat our desired goal of 50%+ on our initial test! Yet, being the data and growth minded team that we are, we wanted to try a few additional tweaks to see the result yet again…
Yep… We’ll take over 90% for our reply rate results any day. Now, our client isn’t just connecting with decision makers like never before, he’s holding conversations and closing more than he can handle on a daily basis.

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Case Study 3

Growing Key Connections by OVER 1,000%

One of our long-term clients came to us with an initial concern that troubled them greatly. They had less than 500 connections on LinkedIn and worked in the B2B space exclusively. They knew that LinkedIn was a valuable tool, but admitted that they had never attempted to hack the process and harness its true power in B2B.

As we do with every client, we began with our standard onboarding process. This includes profile optimization, lead list creation (with highly targeted decision makers custom to each client), and mapping out/implementing a step-by-step automation to gain connections and start conversations that close deals.

From there, we rolled out our initial campaigns and saw instant success with our client. Since then, we have continuously tested and optimized all sides of their LinkedIn growth strategy. This includes new lead lists and segmentations, updated messaging, and even assisting in the creation of lead magnets and website funnels. After nearly 3 years, we’re proud to say that we still have an incredible client and that we have done some amazing work on their profile…

We increased their connections from 450 to 5,361 followers and over 500 connections.

How many “over 500” you may be asking?

That’s profile growth of over 1188.89%.

If you’re interested in growing your LinkedIn profile by over 1,000% as well, simply click below to get started and we can’t wait to be a massive part of your continued success: